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Personal Photo  “What we’ve done for ourselves alone dies with us;

What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”  Albert Pike


For Helene (Leni) Jeanette, it was the living stories of her parent’s lives that determined her values, and it was her values that determined her life.

Leni’s dad was a Machinist Mate in the US Navy during a time of war.  There was no question about the uncompromising integrity expected of her, taking full responsibility for her words and actions.  She learned courage that gave her the confidence, moral, and mental strength to do what is right.  And she learned commitment, to always strive for positive change and personal improvement.  Her dad lived his life with high values and loving joy.  From her mom, Leni learned compassion, giving, sharing, and helping others were equally as important -  much as a yin and yang make a perfectly balanced, harmonious whole.

A Life Dedicated to Giving & Integrity

It wasn’t a difficult choice to select a profession in which Leni could help others.  She chose to be an educator and taught not just curriculum, but reached out to teach giving and sharing, responsibility, and values.   She led workshops for other teachers and won awards for her innovative programs.  Some people make a living, some people get to make a difference, Leni did both. When it was time to leave teaching, but not giving, it was time for a new choice.  The requirement was that whatever she chose to do had to come from the heart and had to make a positive difference by adding value to other people’s lives.


As a lifelong learner and educator, Leni takes pride in educating her clients with the important and strategic information to make the very best decisions for themselves.  She utilizes key databases and resources focused on respecting and moving toward achieving her client’s goals. What sets Leni apart from other agents for shared success is listening.  Being an educator is not just about sharing information, First she listens to know what is important, and she asks profound, insightful questions. It is important to Leni that she lead you through the process of clarifying your values and goals because when they are clear, your choices are easy and successful.

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The Preferred Choice

Leni owns investment properties.  She understands values.  After your family, your home is your biggest investment.  Leni has a Masters of Business Administration degree, she knows finance, and she knows how to successfully communicate to negotiate the best transaction for her clients.  Her keen insights and extensive market knowledge combined with her dedication and integrity make Leni Jeanette the preferred agent many refer their friends, family, and colleagues to.  She can be your preferred agent as well.  Call her today to schedule your private, professional consultation.